17th & 18th October, 2017 08:30 am - 07:00 pm

Website: GTC Israel 2017

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Tel Aviv Convention Center, Building 2
Rokach Blvd. 101
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17th October 2017

8:30 am
Registration Open - Hall D
10:30 am
Introduction and Integration with DriveWorks on DRIVE PX2** - Hall F
Image Classification with DIGITS** - Hall KLM
12:30 pm
Lunch - Hall KLM
1:30 pm
Introduction and Integration with DriveWorks on DRIVE PX2** - Hall F
Object Detection with DIGITS** - Hall KLM
3:30 pm
Break - Hall KLM
4:00 pm
Introduction and Integration with DriveWorks on DRIVE PX2** - Hall F
Neural Network Deployment with DIGITS and TensorRT** - Hall KLM

18th October 2017

8:30 am
Registration Open & Welcome Reception - Hall D
10:00 am
Opening Keynote - Hall D
12:00 pm
Lunch - Hall C
Exhibits and VR Village Open - Hall C
1:00 pm
Using DRIVE PX To Build Self-Driving Vehicles - Hall D
AI Day for VCs (Invite Only) - Hall E
Deep Learning: An Artificial Brain That Detects Any Type of Cyber Threat - Hall F
NVIDIA Metropolis: The Foundation of AI-Enabled Cities - Hall G
From Data to Diagnostic Algorithms - Hall I
Modeling Time Series Data with Recurrent Neural Networks in Keras** - Hall KLM
1:30 pm
Generalizing Driving with Reinforcement Learning on top of Direct Perception - Hall D
Cybersecurity for Self-Driving Cars: Staying Connected and Protected - Hall F
Disrupting Vehicle Inspection Using Deep Learning - Hall G
DGX Systems: Best Practices for Deep Learning from Desk to Data Center - Hall H
Data-Driven Innovation in Health Policy and Healthcare Practice - Hall I
2:00 pm
Fusing Vision and 3D Sensors with AI to Build Cognition Systems - Hall D
Inference in the DC on Tesla - Hall F
Leveraging Deep Learning to Transform Video Data into Actionable Intelligence - Hall G
An Introduction to the AI Services at AWS (Presented by Amazon Web Services) - Hall H
Identifying Hundreds of Genetic Disorders Using Deep Learning - Hall I
2:30 pm
Teaching a Car to Drive - Hall D
Accelerating Cyber Threat Detection with GPU - Hall F
Implementing Real-time Vision Solutions for Train Safety - Hall G
Humanizing the Future of Mobility: Smart Transportation Language towards Acceptance of Autonomy (Presented by General Motors) - Hall H
Making Deep Object Detection Work in Medical Imaging - Hall I
3:00 pm
Leveraging AI for Self-Driving Cars at GM - Hall D
Integrating AI in Solutions for the Military Industries - Hall F
Utilizing AI & GPUs to Build Cloud-based Real-Time Video Event Detection Solutions - Hall G
Deep Learning for Helping in Diagnosis Tasks - A Radiologist Assistant Technology (Presented by IBM) - Hall H
Project Holodeck and NVIDIA Isaac - Hall I
Break - Hall KLM
3:30 pm
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Highway Driving - Hall D
Inception Awards - Hall E
Evolution of the Rugged GPGPU Computer - Hall F
A Social Network of Intelligent Machines for Guest Entry and Security - Hall G
Scale Your AI Solutions with NVIDIA GPUs on Azure (Presented by Microsoft) - Hall H
Image Segmentation with TensorFlow** - Hall KLM
4:00 pm
Deep Learning Autonomous Driving Simulation - Hall D
How to Run SQL Queries on TBs of Data - Using GPUs - Hall F
Breakthroughs in Face Recognition Capability via Deep Learning and GPUs - Hall G
Cisco AppDynamics for Developers (Presented by Cisco) - Hall H
A Review of Semantic Segmentation with Deep Learning - Hall I
4:30 pm
Developing a National Infrastructure for Autonomous Systems - Hall D
NVIDIA ProViz Performance Engineering: Accelerating Workflows with Quadro vDWS & GRID - Hall F
Deep Learning for High Frequency Trading - Hall G
AI Powered Video Analytics and Future of Intelligent Sports Sponsorship (Presented by SAP) - Hall H
Mixed Precision Training of Deep Neural Network with Volta - Hall I
5:00 pm
Deep Learning in MATLAB for Automotive Applications: From Concept to Implementation - Hall D
Accelerate Analytics with a GPU Data Frame - Hall F
Practical Use Cases for Deep Learning and Machine Learning (Presented by HPE) - Hall G
Scaling Machine Learning – Enabling Enhanced GPU Performance for AI (Presented by Mellanox) - Hall H
5:30 pm
Happy Hour Networking Reception - Hall C


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