17th & 18th October, 2017 08:30 am - 07:00 pm

Website: GTC Israel 2017


Tel Aviv Convention Center, Building 2
Rokach Blvd. 101
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October 18, 2017, 3:00 pm

Utilizing AI & GPUs to Build Cloud-based Real-Time Video Event Detection Solutions


In this session, you will learn about the challenges of creating a cloud-based video analytics service that can easily scale to process hundreds of thousands of cameras in real-time, by utilizing state-of-the-art AI running on GPUs. Most video analytics services in the cloud work in a "batch" format (offline), whereby a video clip is uploaded to the service, analyzed, and then results are delivered to the user. Performing video analytics in real-time on a large number of continuous video streams, and with low latency, poses a significant engineering challenge. Learn how Agent Video Intelligence has overcome these challenges to create innoVi video analytics service.

Hall: Hall G Track: Smart Cities Type: Talk