17th & 18th October, 2017 08:30 am - 07:00 pm

Website: GTC Israel 2017


Tel Aviv Convention Center, Building 2
Rokach Blvd. 101
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October 18, 2017, 1:30 pm

Cybersecurity for Self-Driving Cars: Staying Connected and Protected


With rapid advances in connectivity, advanced driving systems and the accelerated trend towards self-driving cars, the automotive ecosystem is changing. These trends promise great benefits for motorists and commercial fleets. However, they also pose a significant increase in cyber risk and threaten consumer trust in vehicles. Today, more than ever cyber security is becoming integral to road safety and almost all major brands have been attacked. Unlike safety features, cyber security involves both prevention mechanisms and ongoing vigilance throughout the vehicle's lifetime-from the concept stage till the vehicle's decommission. For automakers, this requires adopting a holistic cyber security approach and incorporating procedures and requirements into their corporate strategy. In this presentation you will hear about measures that will help the automotive industry prevent, understand and respond to cyber threats so as to maintain and promote consumer trust in modern transportation.

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